Why Accurate Diagnosis Takes Time

Situation: A customer comes in with the engine management light on, asking for a diagnostic price and if it can be fixed the same day.

For instance, they expect the issue to be resolved quickly, thinking it might just be a minor fault.

The reality is, until we know the exact fault, we can’t estimate the repair time or cost.

Each issue is unique, and the required parts and labour can vary significantly.

For example, a loose gas cap is a quick fix, but if the diagnostic reveals a more complex issue like a failing catalytic converter, it may require ordering parts and significant variance in labour time.


Why We Can’t Predict Repair Time:

– Unknown Faults: Without an initial diagnosis, we can’t determine the exact issue.

– Varied Parts Availability: Some parts may need to be ordered, affecting repair time.

– Labor Time Variability: Simple fixes can be quick, but complex problems might require hours.


The Car Friend Promise:

– At Car Friend, we prioritise transparency and accuracy.

– We provide a detailed diagnosis and explain the necessary repairs, including time estimates and costs.

– This approach ensures no surprises and helps you understand the process, making informed decisions about your vehicle’s care.


Professional diagnostics and repairs are essential for maintaining your car’s performance and safety.

While DIY fixes or cheap diagnostics might seem cost-effective initially, they often lead to more significant expenses and risks.

Trust the experts at Car Friend to provide accurate, reliable, and efficient service. We’re here to keep your car running smoothly and ensure you have peace of mind on the road.

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