Staff & Expertise

  • Gem

    Owner - Office Manager - Head of Customer WOW!

    This is Gemma. She is a massive petrolhead, a wife and a mum.

    She knows all there is to know about repairing your car, so you’re in good hands with Gem. Her job is to make sure you have the best possible experience, and she will always try and save you money.

    Gem also does a lot of stuff behind the scenes like accounts, HR, marketing, and the website and social media. As a mum to 5 (2 kids, a cat and 2 dogs) she has a lot of love to give, but her passion besides family and friends is fast cars!

    Fact – When Gem isn’t working & being a mum she likes to play Netball & head out on her E-Bike.

  • Matt

    Legend - Owner - Author

    Matt is the king of all things mechanical.

    He has huge amounts of experience building and repairing endurance race cars; what he doesn’t know about cars often isn’t worth knowing.

    He is funny, professional, and often referred to as a ‘legend’ He is most definitely a perfectionist in everything he does. Devoted to both his family and his business, he has a huge heart and if he had his way customers would be allowed to pay in chocolate! 

    Fact – Matt is a keen Mountain Bike Rider too!

  • Vicki

    Senior Sales - Car Friend (Office Angel)

    Vicki joined Car Friend in the summer of 2016. She is the office angel, making sure everything runs smoothly – from ordering parts, producing quotes and looking after our customers. Vicki has a contagious laugh and is always happy – she hates giving bad news to customers and genuinely only wants what’s best. Over the years Vicki has shown amazing dedication to our customers and they really do love her. In her spare time,

    Fact – Vicki loves all things girly, from hair to make-up, and everything that sparkles – she is a true diamond.

  • Beckie

    Admin Assistant & TTR Golden Goddess

    Introducing Beckie, the Automotive Admin Guru! She is a master of organization and efficiency, providing vital help in ensuring everything runs smoothly. With years of experience in the car sector, she knows exactly what needs to be done from day to day.

    Her friendly personality makes her a great asset to have around the garage, always ready to lend a hand with whatever tasks arise. So if you’re looking for an expert administrative assistant in the car repair industry, Beckie should be your first port of call – you can be sure she’ll take care of all your needs quickly and efficiently!

    More recently Beckie has taken her passion for the race side of the business TTR Motorsport proving that even the most obscure or complex projects are a breeze for our customers – she takes care of it all!

    Fact – Beckie Loves her old VW Beetle, it even featured at her amazing wedding!

  • Mike

    Automotive Ace & self confessed JDM specialist

    Introducing one of our amazing Mechanics – the Automotive Ace! This master mechanic has years of experience working on all types of cars and vans.

    Mike is passionate about his craft and excels in providing quality repairs, maintenance and MOTs.

    With an eye for detail, His skill and knowledge are second to none when it comes to keeping your vehicle running safely and smoothly. So if you need a helping hand from this Automotive Ace get in touch!

    Fact – Mike has a keen passion for all Japanese Sports Cars.

  • Ross

    Automotive Ace & Bike Racing Virtuoso!

    Meet Ross, the Automotive Maestro! With a passion for cars from an early age, his enthusiasm is seen in every repair he makes. He has a vast amount of experience and knowledge to draw upon when it comes to vehicle maintenance and he loves nothing more than helping customers with whatever car-related problems they may have. His upbeat personality and positive outlook make him a pleasure to work with and a great addition to the team. So, whether you need your MOT or some help getting your engine running smoothly, Ross is your go-to man – he’ll be sure to get you back on the road in no time!

    Fact – Ross is a trophy-winning bike racer too!

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