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Welcome to the world of responsible car ownership! At Car Friend, we understand the significance of keeping your vehicle in top condition, not just for legal compliance but for your safety on the roads.

Every year, countless motorists navigate the MOT test, a crucial checkpoint for every vehicle in the UK. Let’s dive into what this test entails and how you can seamlessly glide through it with a little help from your friends at Car Friend.

What is an MOT Test?

MOT, standing for Ministry of Transport, is an annual test required for all vehicles over three years old in the UK. This test examines various aspects of your vehicle to ensure it meets safety and environmental standards. Think of it as a yearly health check for your car – essential and non-negotiable.

Why is MOT Important?

The safety aspect of the MOT test can’t be overstated. Did you know that 27% of all MOT Fails are due to blown or inoperative bulbs?

By ensuring your vehicle is MOT compliant, you’re not just abiding by the law; you’re contributing to road safety.

What Does MOT Cover?

During an MOT test, several key components of your vehicle are rigorously checked. This includes:

  • Tyres and Wheels: Ensuring they’re of the right size and fit for the road.
  • Steering and Suspension: Vital for your control over the car.
  • Brakes: A critical safety feature, checked for efficiency and condition.
  • Lights and Signalling: To communicate effectively with other road users.
  • Windscreen, Wipers, and Washer Bottle: For clear vision, whatever the weather.
  • Seatbelts and Airbags: Your first line of defence in an accident.
  • Exhaust and Emissions: Keeping your car eco-friendly.

Common Issues Found During MOT Tests

In our years of service, we’ve noticed a few common issues that often lead to MOT failures. These include minor oversights like blown bulbs or worn tyres. Regular maintenance can help avoid these pitfalls.

Preparing for an MOT Test

A bit of preparation can go a long way. Check your lights, tyres, and fluid levels before the test. Or better yet, let us at Car Friend give your vehicle a pre-MOT check-up.

What Happens if Your Vehicle Fails its MOT?

Failing an MOT test isn’t the end of the world. You’ll receive a list of issues to be addressed. That’s where we come in. Our team at Car Friend can quickly rectify these issues, ensuring your car is back on the road in no time.


Ready for your MOT test?

Book an appointment with Car Friend today, and drive with peace of mind, knowing you’re in safe and capable hands.


Regular vehicle checks and an annual MOT test are more than legal formalities; they’re essential to your safety and those around you. At Car Friend, we’re committed to helping you meet these standards with ease and confidence.

Got questions about the MOT test or want to share your experiences? Drop a comment below – we love hearing from you!

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