Why does my car smell?

What’s That Pong?

There are many reasons why your car can have a pong. It can be unpleasant, frustrating and often worrying at times, especially if you can’t pin point where the nasty smell is coming from. Here are six of the most common reasons that your car might smell:

Why does my car smell like fuel?

If you smell fuel in your car you need to pay attention. Possibly you accidentally got some on your shoes or clothing the last time you filled up and the fumes stayed inside your car. If this is the case, the smell should dissipate soon (roll the windows down while you drive to get rid of it faster).
If a smell of fuel in your car lasts longer than a few hours, it may not be such an easy fix. A prolonged smell of fuel in a vehicle could indicate issues with your fuel cap or a leaky fuel tank or injector. Any of these issues could negatively affect your car’s fuel efficiency—and your health—so it’s best to get it to us as soon as possible and let our trusted technicians find the root of the smell.

Why does my car smell like exhaust fumes?

If there’s one car odour you should never ignore, it’s exhaust fumes inside the cabin. Exhaust fumes in the interior of your car most often indicate a leak in your car’s exhaust system.
This odour is dangerous, as exposure to exhaust fumes inside a confined space (i.e., the inside of your car) can be deadly to both people and animals. If you smell an exhaust odour in your car while driving, take it to a technician immediately to diagnose and repair the underlying issue. Keep the car well ventilated, keep all windows wide open.

Why does my car smell like rotten eggs?

Is that last week’s forgotten lunch, or is something wrong under the bonnet? A rotten egg smell in your car often indicates a malfunctioning part in the fuel system. If the catalytic converter, fuel filters, or fuel pressure sensors are worn out or damaged, a sulphur gas can leak out and make its way into your car’s cabin.

This smell isn’t just unpleasant—like the other ones we’ve highlighted, it can be dangerous if left unaddressed. But sometimes, the issue is as simple as a gear oil change (old fluid can produce that same rotten egg smell in cars).

Why does my car smell like burning rubber?

Unless you’re a race car driver out for a spin on the track, the smell of burning rubber in your car could spell trouble. The smell of burning rubber in your car can indicate that a rubber hose or belt under the hood has loosened. When this happens, these parts can move around and come into contact with hot engine parts—hence the burning rubber smell.

Sometimes, a burning rubber smell could be coming from an oil or fluid leak, or even a damaged or worn-out drive belt. If you smell burning rubber, head to Car Friend for a quick diagnosis. Loose belts and hoses don’t get better with time.

Why does my car smell of burning?

Maybe it doesn’t smell like rubber, but you’re almost sure something is burning under the hood. A burning smell in your car could be caused by several things, including a burned-out electrical fuse, an overheating air-conditioning compressor, or worn brakes that need to be replaced.

If your car smells like burning plastic, or you can’t quite put your finger on the smell, it’s best to let a trained technician take a look to determine the cause.

Why does my car smell musty/damp?

A musty smell from the air-conditioning vents could mean that excess moisture has accumulated in your car’s air filter or drain lines. Your health could suffer if you breathe mouldy air for long periods, so don’t let this issue linger.

If your car air-conditioning smells like vinegar or dirty socks, bring your vehicle in for us to check it out. We will help keep allergies and offensive odours at bay while also preventing further damage to your car’s components.

Whether it’s a strange smell or odd noise, signs of trouble shouldn’t be ignored. Let the friendly technicians at Car Friend sniff out your car problems. We might not be able to revive that new car scent, but we can give you a free inspection and fixed price repair to rectify the issue—now that smells like victory!

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