Top 10 Car Summer Maintenance Tips

Summertime when the weather is fine (sometimes in the UK!) it’s easy to forget that your car might need some TLC too! Whether you’re heading out on a summer staycation or a day trip with the kids it’s important to make sure your car is not going to let you down. So here are Car Friend’s top tips for summer car maintenance.

1 – AC, it’s easy to forget about the air conditioning system in the colder weather but when that first hot day of the year comes, and you reach for the AC button you want it to be icy cold. Did you know that your AC system needs servicing too? Most manufacturers recommend a service every 2 years so if you have let this lapse then it could be time to book it in for a service and re-gas.

2 – Battery Battery failure is the most common reason for car breakdowns. Believe it or not, summertime is the most common time for batteries to fail. High temperatures and excessive demand on the battery can cause the charge to drop or for parts to deteriorate. Get a free battery check to prevent battery failure from ruining your summer.

3 – Tyres – Check the pressures. Temperature fluctuations can affect your tyre pressures. Too much or too little pressure in your tyres can cause uneven wear. Not only will this end up costing you money on replacing your tyres prematurely but can also have adverse effects on the handling of your car too! Check the recommended pressures and adjust them to suit. Don’t forget, if you’re loading up for a trip the car will be heavier, and you will need to use laden pressures to compensate for the additional weight.

4 – Fluids – Summer screen wash (diluted strength) oil levels, brake fluid and coolant are essential before a long strip, but these should be checked monthly as a bare minimum. Don’t forget all these items are checked and topped up on our fixed price services too! So, if you’re due a service, book it before your trip and we can do all the hard work for you!

5 – Belts – Not seatbelts although it’s good to check these are in good working order. But you have belts that need checking in your engine bay too. These belts will run the AC and alternator, but some cars also have a timing belt or sometimes referred to as a cambelt. These belts will have certain replacement intervals recommended by the manufacturers to avoid failure and engine damage so it’s important to check these are up to date. You can check for visual imperfections like cracking, slitting, or fraying yourself. If it looks like there is an issue get it booked in for one of our professionals to check it out for you.

6 – Wipers – Did you know that if your wipers don’t clear your screen effectively it can cause your car to fail its MOT? It’s super important to make sure your wipers always clear your screen but in the summer bugs, tree sap and other nasties can cause your screen to get dirty so make sure your wipers are in tip-top condition. Don’t forget we stock most wipers, and we can fit them for FREE.

7 – Clean – Keeping your car clean including the inside of the glass can make driving in the bright weather a whole lot easier – reducing the glare. Remember to use a cleaner on the dash that won’t make it too shiny as this can be counterproductive.

8 – Service – Service – Service. If your car is due a service now is the time to get it sorted. Get all those essential items checked and replaced for total peace of mind. All our services are fixed price so you know exactly what it will cost with no hidden charges. The price we quote is the price you pay. We always use the correct oil grade for your car, quality parts and a full written report for your records.

9 – Breakdown cover – weigh up the pros and cons and do some research but it often pays to be covered in advance. We can’t predict the future and some things are unavoidable but having a breakdown policy in place can be essential, especially if you’re planning on a staycation this year or more family days out this summer.

10 – Prepare – always be prepared. Store numbers of insurance claim lines and breakdown companies in your phone and take screenshots of essential details (you might get stranded with poor signal) pack water, oil, and other essential items in case you need them. Don’t forget to pack a power bank for your phone and essential items for you too! Why not take advantage of our Oil top-up bottles, they come in handy as 1-litre bottles to store in your boot and they will be the same quality oil we use on your car’s service.

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